Box Ordering

Without boxes, it won't work... order one right now!

Box:a paper box which is required for acquiring promotional gifts using Gifthunter system. It contains the codes of promotional products and comes in variants matching the price categories. It is purchased from the Provider and must be placed in the sales area by the shop owner, the users can search for it.

  1. After logging into the application, tap the "Boxes" icon.

  2. In the Boxes page, tap the red "Box order" text in the upper right corner.

  3. The default e-mail application will open.

  4. It is important to send your meassage always to

  5. E-mail subject must be "Box order".

  6. Feel free to write your questions, the only important is to specify the number of boxes you want to order.

  7. If you want to order boxes without using the application, follow steps 4-5-6 and send an e-mail message to us.