Box shipment

After the shop orders the boxes and GiftHunter receives the order, a reply will be sent with a price offer including box prices and shipment costs, sent to the email address the shop used for registration in the application.

The price offer sent by the Provider to the shop is valid for 15 days, counting from the date displayed in the price offer.

The price offer is considered as accepted by the shop and the contract for Box Ordering is concluded when the Shop accepts the offer by sending an electronic message (reply) to the Provider, and furthermore the price of the Boxes and cost of shipment stated in the offer has been paid to the Provider by transfer. A price of the Boxes and cost of shipment is considered paid after it is credited in the provider's bank account. The Provider bills the amount to the shop including VAT, for that the shop must provide billing information to the Provider.

The bill created by the provider is an electronic bill, sent to the email address of the shop used for registration in the application. The fact that the bill is electronic is stated in the Terms and Conditions, and by accepting T&C, the shop also accepts that the form of billing is.

The Provider does not provide printed bill by default, if the shop demands printed bill, the Provider is granted to charge the cost of the printed bill. The cost of the printed bill is 500 HUF per bill.

The Shop is responsible for payments of the bills received from the Provider to be paid in 15 days counting from the date stated in the bill.

The Provider is responsible for handing out the Boxes ordered by the Shop in 15 days to a third person contributor (the Carrier), in order to deliver it to the address of the shop specified in the order. The Provider considers the order fullfilled by handing out the Boxes to the Carrier, and from this point the Shop takes the responsibility for any damage or loss occuring to the Boxes.

The Provider states that after handing out the Boxes to the Carrier, the Provider itself refuses to take any responsibility towards the shipping, the wholeness and harmlessness of the Boxes. Any demands of the Shop according to this must be placed towards the Carrier. The shop must accept this restriction of responsibility from the Provider. The shop must check whether the correct quantity, type and quality of Boxes were shipped immediately upon receiving. In case of any problem, nonequivalent type or any sort of defect, the representative of the Carrier must be immediately informed. The Boxes are considered to be successfully shipped and accepted by the Shop, if the Shop does not place any complaints towards the Provider in 2 days starting from the receiving of the Boxes.

The Shop agrees that the Provides does not offer post-payment, payment must be done in the same time as the order is placed, using bank transfer. Online or other type of credit/debit card payment, cash is not accepted.