Creating a gift

Disclaimer: Promotional product: a product or service which is merchantable and ownable, can be acquired by the Customers, offered for acquisition by the Shops during promotional activity, uploaded and display as "Gift" in the GiftHunter system.

If the Shop wants to display any of its promotional products in the GiftHunter application, then the following parameters must be set in the application's "Create Gift" section:

  • Category of the Gift: (the Provider assigns the promotional product to one of the six (6) pre-defined value categories according to the original price of the product)

  • Gift (promotional product) name

  • Gift (promotional product) short description

  • Original price (Ft) of the Gift (promotional product)

  • photo or picture of the Gift (promotional product)

  • After uploading a photo, tap the "Create Gift" button.

  • If the creation of the Gift is successful, the following dialog will be shown: