Gift Hunting

GiftHunter - Hunting for gifts

Become a Gift Hunter yourself! You only need to download our Application from Google Play or App Store and the hunting begins!

To not miss a chance, it's important to register!

Do not forget, you can encounter GiftHunter gift boxes anywhere.

It is important to find your gift in the application, not only the gift boxes.

Steps of hunting:

  1. Log into the application with the name and password used for registration.

  2. After the successful login, the gift categories are displayed. Here you can choose the desired value of gifts you want to hunt for. Choose a category and then the gifts for that category are displayed.

  3. After choosing the gift you are interested in, click on that.

  4. The detailed gift description is now being displayed, including Gift Identifier, Gift Name, Description, Original Price and Box Identifier. For you, the most important information will be the Box Identifier, since opening the gift box in a shop will show you that identifier.

  5. If you want to know which shop holds that gift, tap the "Towards the shop" button. The shop's page will show up, where you can find the name, address and phone number of the shop, and a map that helps you to locate it.

  6. After you arrived to the shop, try to find the gift box connected to your gift. A gift box can be found in the sales area of the shop, you only need to be open-eyed.

  7. When you find and open the box, and the identification number in the box matches the number displayed in the application, immediately tap the "Gift found" button.

  8. After tapping that button, the gift is almost yours, only the shop must confirm the successful finding.

  9. Head to the cash register or information desk, and tell them you have found the gift. The shop will acknowledge the transaction and then the gift is yours for free 🙂

  10. Do not forget that if you have found a non-matching identifier, you can still search for it in the application to find the appropriate box identifier.

Let's go hunting!