Managing Boxes

After the Boxes are shipped successfully, you can manage your own Gift Boxes.

After login, tapping the "Boxes" item of the Main Menu, you can access the Box Managament interface.

A single box can have one of the four (4) different statuses:

  • active

  • gift in the box

  • found

  • shipped

When you order a Box from GiftHunter and it's successfully shipped, the Box will have the status of "Shipped".

You can tap any box in the list to view its details.

In order to put a gift into a shipped Box, you must activate it before. This can be done by tapping the "Activate Box" button.

If the activation is successful, the following message will be displayed:

From now, the Box is active, so a Gift can be placed inside it.

(If you want to skip the activation next time, you can ask us to set the Boxes active by default in your next order).

The Box will be granted with the status of "Gift in the box" when you place the gift inside it.

After one of the GiftHunter users finds the box, its status will turn to "Found".