After logging into the application, choosing the "Transactions" item from the main menu, the transactions page will appear.

In the transactions page, the Shop can get information about transactions in progress or already closed.


Tapping any row of the list displays the details of the transaction, including Transaction ID, Box ID, Gift ID, status, Gift details, photo of the Gift.

When a hunter finds a Box, the GiftHunter system automatically generates a transaction. The transaction must always be approved by the Shop.

It is important for the Shop Staff to check whether the ID inside the Box matches the ID displayed in the transaction. If the two ID-s are matching, the Shop must approve the transaction by tapping the "Shop approval" button.

After the successful approval, the following dialog will be shown:

After the approval, the status of the transaction will turn to "Approved".


After the approval, please hand out the Gift to the User.