TOP 10 Shops!


10 shops will be listed in this post with which we consider to cooperate in the future. I hope you will like it. If you have any remark, please feel free to leave a comment.

576 Kbyte

I think everyone knows the feeling, when something happens with the mouse, usb driver or any computer devices unexpectedly. We work on the relation between GiftHunter and this shop to help those in need. It would be great to receive a promotional product from this shop, wouldn’t it?

5D Cinema

The Sales Manager of this cinema is a very kind and powerful woman. It is such a good feeling to see how women (and also me, personally) moves forward and become powerful in our society. We have deserved it. I do not intent to get away from the point, but you will see awesome promotional products from this company soon.


Shoes, shoes everywhere… people can never have enough shoes or stuffs related to shoes. Isn’t it true?

Bijou Brigitte

We have been discussing the details with this super awesome shop. We would be grateful if you could receive high-quality gifts from this company via our application. I think both men and women can be happy for this shop, because men can receive gifts for their love, women can receive new jewelry related stuff.

BioTech USA

Are you looking for healthy vitamins and supplementary to boost your workout and immune system? Would you try something from this company? We will give you the chance soon.

Café Caramel

Would you be amazed if I say that you can get a coupon or a coffee in this amazing café? If you stay with us, you will see how far we get from where we are now.


High quality clothing. This is the best thing you can hear and see in this world, where copycats and fake clothes are in fashion, unfortunately. We work on this relation, we hope you will get the chance as soon as possible.

Cortesi Pékség

It is a decent bakery in the shopping centers nationwide. We have already started to negotiate with the Sales Manager. They seem to be happy to work with us in the future. Everything for the customers.

Apacs Ezüst

This shop is abundant with amazing jewelry. Personally, I adore these tiny fancy sparkling laces, earrings, necklaces and rings. Would you be happy to receive a coupon or a promotional product from here? I bet, you definitely would!

Costa Coffee

Here is another good and calm place to receive a free promotional product in the future.

What can you do to achieve these things together? Registrate in the application, and together, we are able to attract amazing shops!

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